Saturday, December 1, 2012


We all love Instagram for the fact that is simple, quick, easy to use ... and vintage. And we all love vintage these days, right?. But hey, life is just not as easy as instagram portraits it. There's a whole different reality going on behind your phone as you try to get the "perfect picture" to post. For example: today, we found these two cute little vintage red chairs. Oh-so-perfect spot to get a picture of the kids and (of course) instagram it. Ummm.. not.THAT.easy. This is what REALLY happens behind an Instagram picture (specially when kids are involved):

- "smile, guys!"

- "guys, hey, say cheeeeeese... cheeeeeeeeeeeese..."

- "buddy, put those leaves down, bud"

- "hey... hey... look at the phone, look at mommy, say smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile! ...."  -_- 

 - "Abi, sit on the chair baby, don't get u-"

- "Abi, baby, don't touch those leaves, don't put them i- (gives phone to husband. cleans chairs that were covered in dry leaves in a matter of milliseconds. relocates subjects.)"

- "guys, say smiiiileeeee... if you say smile, we'll take you to Staaaarbucksss... we'll get some chocolate miiiiilk" (persuasion technique) 

 -" let's sing the train song, come on!"

- (to husband) babe, sing that song.. what was it?

- "ooook guuuuuuys, I guess we're not going to Starbucks today..."

- "bud, sit down, buddy... smiii-"

- (scratches head)

-"Nevermind". (gets family in the car and off they go for coffee... and chocolate milk... at Starbucks.)


PS: Kudos to all family photographers. Seriously.

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