Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amish store

Last Sunday, we took an improvised mini road trip to an Amish store that is an hour away from home. The Amish came to my attention around a month ago after we went to a Ballon Festival where these ex-Amish guys had a donut stand called "The Amish Bakery." Yes, I know, it's kinda funny, but oh glory, those donuts were heavenly. So, after my glorious donut experience, I was hooked and wanted to know more. I started looking into their culture, recipes and a whole slew of things related to them. I found out there's only one Amish community here in NC, and it happens to be 45 mins away from home. YES. So off to their little store we go.

It was a beautiful day with an amazing Carolina blue sky. The little store was packed so we could barely move around. The kids started getting a little fussy, but they did good overall. People were taking 3-5 bags of their bread at a time, so mom got some bread to try. I went there  thinking how I wanted to get a bunch of different little homemade things. But instead, I walked out that store with 2 things: a goat milk soap (that Abi would keep sniffing on) and a recipe book. That was an all-out challenge for me: to learn how to make all these amazing things they can make in the comfort of my home.

The book remains untouched in my kitchen counter--for now. I have my finals Dec,16th, so cooking amazing homemade meals from scratch is not my highest priority at the moment. But it will be. Eventually :). As soon as I get some wisdom from that fat book, I'll share a few things with you here. In the meantime, I keep wishing we could go back and bring... just about everything they have there.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

stay creative

                                                                                                                     Source: via Damian on Pinterest

I found this list last night before going to bed and just loved it. I'm planning on making these my goals from now on. Today, we'll be heading to the Christmas parade with mom and the kids, and then we need to run some errands. These have been and will be pretty busy days (i have tons of homework to submit and a final exam in a couple of weeks). Welp, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pretty things : Thanksgiving edition.

We're exactly one week away from Thanksgiving day. Many of us might be looking for inspiration in home/table decor, etc.So, I started looking around a little bit and decided to put together some of my favorite picks. Enjoy.





Feel free to leave your comments/links with more Thanksgiving ideas to share!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A fall day trip to the mountains

A few weeks ago, we went on a day trip to the beautiful NC mountains. That's one of my favoritest things about living in NC: you have a 2hr. drive to the mountains and a 4hr. drive to the beach. That only means adventures and more adventures all year long. So, anyways, mom's been with us for 4 months now, and she'll be heading back to Argentina right after Christmas (sad face) so we wanted to do something spontaneous and just have fun together. The day was perfect. That trip was perfect. We had lots of fun, snapped a bunch of pictures and were very happy campers.

I look back to that day and I'm very happy with the choice we made. During that time, we had tons of worries about a bunch of things... the easy thing to do was to stay at home with long faces, hoping that something would just turn around for good... but we didn't. We decided we needed a break from that, a "day off" from worries and responsibilities. A day to breathe deep, to feel refreshed, enjoy each other and rest knowing that, in the end, everything is gonna be alright. 

We had a wonderful day. We saw beauty everywhere. That alone renewed our soul. Once again, the glorious nature that surrounds us was a sweet reminder that we're loved deeply and madly.


Sunday, November 11, 2012


1. Quick thrift stop at Value Village. 2. Riding with this stud. 3.Picnic and reading time outside (t-shirt weather in NC!) 4. Kissing Mr. Fishy. 5.Oh so cozy. 6.Best friends. 7. He's my favoritest boy! 8. Abuela (granma) got these Minnetonka booties for Abi Liv (I'm slightly jealous ;) 9. Mouthful. 10. Thinking of the beautiful fall day we had together. 11. Time to wind down with a cup of tea.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!