Friday, November 9, 2012


Something that I love about seasons is the sense of new opportunity, new beginnings that they bring. A new chance to stop, rethink, regroup and head in the right direction. Discovering love has opened the door to a new season in my life. A season of joy and hope in the midst of roaring winds. It has opened my eyes and allowed me to behold beauty like never before. For this reason, I started this little blog-in-the-wall: to give LOVE greater room in my life, a space where it can be displayed and cherished. To give it my time and thought. To admire it and remain thankful for the daily blessings I get to enjoy. I also wanted to leave my family a little memoir that can be a witness of our crazy, mad and deep love for each other. I want our kids to look back, read and find out how fun, hectic and absolutely adventurous life is when we're together.

Welcome to this little blog. 

Yours truly,


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  1. Que lindo tu blog Pame, me encanta! me gusta lo que escribis y como lo haces.. se ve tan espontaneo y natural.. me acuerdo como te gustaba el ingles en la secundaria.. escribias todas las letras de las canciones tipo de Michael Jackson etc.. ahora veo tu ingles perfecto! tenes dos hijitos hermosos y se nota en ellos la felicidad.. te deseo lo mejor y espero que sigamos en contanto.. un beso enorme! Dori.